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Commission for Infrasonicman by dreampaw
Commission for Infrasonicman

Jeez... sorry ive been so SLOW on the art wagon lately... i just had such a hard time with this commission... I haven't done anything like it before. I've never drawn a crown like that or those cane things.. interesting overall! I think it turned out ok! And I'm sorry i simplified the crown a lot.. if i was to do all the gems it had on it, i'd still be working for forever!

And this is meant to be Celestia's coronation as princess (or queen i guess) xD commissioned by :iconinfrasonicman:
hope you like it!
Commission for Lastoftheknights by dreampaw
Commission for Lastoftheknights
for :iconlastoftheknights: i hope you like it!
I went a lil crazy with the raindrops xD and I'm sorry it took forever, though i think it turned out pretty good so there's that! 
Also i need to work on this type of perspective more.. it's difficult xD

information about commissions here: Drawing Commissions hurry while there are still slots!
The Great and Powerful Trixie Sculpture by dreampaw
The Great and Powerful Trixie Sculpture
I made this especially for my love Aj !! (princewhateverer)
and OH MY GOODNESS she was so difficult. The pose (her sitting on her tail) was so hard--making her be sturdy enough to support the weight of the cape... and oh my god the cape and hat were an absolute NIGHTMARE. ahh... but she didn't turn out too bad... she's actually my second attempt.. I made a first and had to throw her away because her weight simply could not be supported by her tail xD

anyway, i hope you like her!!
Angel of Nature Sculpure by dreampaw
Angel of Nature Sculpure
Yaaaayyy Finally a sculpture I am more happy with!! ^w^ Anyway I made her in a day and she was just a short fun little project i did. 

But I do have to say i believe that she is my best one yet. Comparing her to the first fluttershy I did, which was also my first sculpture, I believe this is a huge improvement over that. The only thing I feel I really need to work on is making a smoother armature and making a smoother paint job. Tell me what you guys think? My personal favourite about this one is the wings and the eyes, my personal unfavourite is how some of the butterfly's wing broke off and now i try to pretend that fluttershy is caring for a hurt butterfly xDD

Thanks for looking!
EDIT: before reading this, know that i'm closing it prematurely due to horrible art block. so if you wanted one.. i'm sorry about that.

These are not for sculpting commissions, these are for actual drawing commissions x3
And I opened these up for one reason in particular: I need money to get to ROTL con in Colorado. I need about 400 dollars, so I'm opening up 13 slots for commissions priced at 30$ each. They're all going to be a set quality, so I won't be able to take requests on a complex background, etc. Anyway, the con date is the 31st of this month and I'll need the money ASAP, so the drawings will most likely be one every day or every other day, depending on my time schedule with work. 

Here is what the quality of the pictures could be like

Lineart style: 
For Phraios [Commission] by dreampaw(whole body)
Stardust [Commission] by dreampaw(whole body)
Dreamwhisper- Am I cute yet? by dreampaw(close up)
For dinoo by dreampaw(close up)
Flutta~ by dreampaw(whole body)

Painted style: 
cZair [Commission] by dreampaw(whole body)
Constellations Cover Art by dreampaw(close up)
Contest Entry: Weepy Woe by dreampaw(whole body)
Coco pommel :3 by dreampaw(close up)

If you could please specify these things when you ask for a commission:

Type of commission (painted or lineart)
Close up or whole body
Oc description (a reference picture is required, I don't wanna have to design your oc for you.. ^^)

And that's it! All of these commissions will be $30, no more no less. But of course, I will not skimp on quality. They'll be just as high quality as any of the above pictures if not better since I have improved over time. I will give you my paypal information when you notify me by a note, and as soon as I give you my paypal, know that i will have started working on it so you can send the money at any time after that ^^

Now here are the slots (keep up with this to know if I still have slots open)

1. :iconshatterfish: (done) Commission for Shatterfish

2. :iconsuperminimicro: (done) Commish for Superminimicro

3. :iconsuperminimicro: (done) Commission 2 for superminimicro

4. :iconlastoftheknights: (done) Commission for Lastoftheknights

5. :iconinfrasonicman: (done) Commission for Infrasonicman

6. :iconjaegerpony:

7. :iconeternallygenuine:

8. :iconskymarines99:

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Hi there! I'm dreampaw. call me what you like, eh?

My Etsy:…

Facebook fanpage!!

ATTENTION EVERYONE: You can use my art in any fanfic/video/song/whatever you want as long as you credit me, so you don't need to ask!!

STEAM: Dreamchan

Add meh! -^.^- I love to see what other people play. You could even talk to me, but i'm not sure if I'd respond every time. I'm always playing stuff xD (Steam is what I do when i'm not drawing)

No requests, sorry.

Current Residence: on this computer screen D:

Personal Quote: "Farewell my shadow, you who stands at the end of the path I chose not to follow."

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Your work is amazing! I sent I note and hope to get a art from you. Just love your work.
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omg i love your art it so pretty and i also wanted to ask what software do you use to make it
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I use paint tool SAI ^^
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