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Hi there! I'm dreampaw. call me what you like, eh?

My bronysquare:

STEAM: Dreamchan

Add meh! -^.^- I love to see what other people play. You could even talk to me, but i'm not sure if I'd respond every time. I'm always playing stuff xD (Steam is what I do when i'm not drawing)

No requests, sorry. Art trades are open to my buddies though <3


Current Residence: on this computer screen D:

Personal Quote: "Farewell my shadow, you who stands at the end of the path I chose not to follow."


Deciding to open up commissions again because BUCK is coming up in a few months, and I want to get all accommodations settled before too long~ So I've changed the prices again a little bit, and I hope you guys aren't too startled ^^' I haven't drawn ponies in a while, so it should be fun!

I'm going to have an unlimited amount of commissions open up, no slots or anything this time, just everyone can ask, but they are all going to be at a set price! To make sure that I don't overbear myself with work, I will not accept a commission request unless I can finish it that day. So if you note me wanting a commission, and I do not respond for a couple days, be patient because I may have a list! However, when I do decide to finally stop doing commissions, if I have not noted you saying I will do yours, then I will not do yours. Those who I speak to and say "I will do a commission for you", are the ones who are, for sure, 100% getting one! I also reserve the right to deny any type of commission if I don't feel comfortable with the OC, or I think it's too complex or whatever. All payments will be received to my paypal (which I will note to you if you express interest in a commission) before I start on the commission. Also, please please please do not get impatient with me! I'm doing this along with Prince's Orica project and work (I have a server job) and school as well, and finals are coming up. So please bear with me! Onto my commission prices/setup.

Sketch/Simple Lineart/flat colouring - - 10$ USD

No examples to note, as I normally don't upload incomplete art ^^'

Simple Character with no background (shading) - - 20$ USD

Dreamwhisper- Am I cute yet? by dreampaw
For dinoo by dreampaw
(lineart style)

Corvus: Commission by dreampaw
Twilight Practices Dark Magic (Shirt Available!) by dreampaw
Constellations Cover Art by dreampaw
(painting style)

Complex Character with Background - - 30$ USD

Mira :D by dreampaw
Flutta~ by dreampaw
(lineart style)

Contest Entry: Weepy Woe by dreampaw
Summer Dive by dreampaw
Muddy Pony is cute :3 by dreampaw
(painting style)

Each additional Pony/more complexity - - 45$ USD - more $ depending

Anniversary Commission by dreampaw
May I dance? by dreampaw
Koi pond by dreampaw
(can do in either lineart style or painted)

NOW, these are all the examples and estimated price ranges for commissions. If you want something more complex or want to add more ponies, the price WILL go up! I will let you know if you note me your preferences what the price would come out to be before we set it in stone. Also, please please have a reference of all OCs before you commission me, I don't want to create your OC for you! you can also have canon character commissions, I am fine with that. But nothing NSFW, please. 

That's it! If you're interested or still confused, note me and I can explain to the best of my abilities. Or, you can tell me what you have in mind and I can give you a price estimate.


  • Mood: Sweet

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I hope you like it >w<
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Happy late birthday ^^

gosh I feel awful for not wishing you a happy birthday since I look up to you as an inspiration ergh
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